Training camp Spring 2012

2012-02-20 11:03



Special event - Training camp for advanced riders organized by NOBILE international team riders Natalie Begnazarova and Michael Karmazin.


Price for 1 week camp training - 
200 euro - for kiters with their own gear
380 euro - for kiters without gear


included - 

- 1 week training with instructor
- estimate of your riding level, intensive level up training
- kite freestyle theoretical and practical group seminars
- photo/video shooting and post examination of all the mistakes
- new Nobile Kiteboarding 2012 gear tests
- downwind technique training
- downwind competitions (12 km downwind) for the prize from Nobile Kiteboarding.
- morning stretching (yoga) exercises
- lunches and barbeque parties at the kite center
- transfer from hotel to the spot and back
- all center services - wifi, shower,compressor,locked private box, beach boy assistance.

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