Spring 2012

2012-02-20 09:27

Starting as usual from the weather forecast.

The wind in Hurghada is very good for kiteboarding in spring. To catch the best time for kiting you dont have to check the forecast. Just come any time. For those who want to come in spring time remember these numbers:63, 65, 69 - this is the wind statistics for March,April and May in percent

March - wind statistics is only 63%. But! For our own Big days statistics (special days with great wind :) ) this month is much better than April and May. March is the only real spring time month when the air is still cool when the wind is coming (so you still need long wetsuit) but nice warm under the sun in shorts and bikini.

April - the first summer month in Hurghada - the policemen are wearing summer white uniform, the birds coming back from south. The wind statistics for April is better than March but the wind is not that strong. You still need wetsuit on the water and shorts and t-shirts at the beach. 

The most windy month in spring - May! Usually the wind is not so strong but stable - the best time for beginners! On the water you need to wear lycra, no wetsuits!and shorts/t-shirts at the beach.

About prices and services

We dont care about inflation and dont increase the prices. We have new service at the center - "Training camp". This is the special course of training for advanced riders is organized by russian champion for kite freestyle and international rider of NOBILE Natalie Begnazarova and her instructor (the rider of NOBILE international team too) Mikhail Karmazin. We decided to change the main way of camp organisation when the participants have to come to the camp in 1-2 weeks only, we prolong the camp time for almost 2 months - from March till mid of April. 

Another good news from us - our new kites 2012 already are coming!So this spring we will kite with brand new gear!

The spring 2011 was like -

16_05_11_1 7_03_11_4 5_03_11_2 25_03_11_1 23_03_11_4 13_05_11_12 13_05_11_9 13_05_11_11 29_04_11_3 30_04_11_1 Raksha 22_05_11_1

 another 300 photos of last spring

Aloha Akbar!

Alexander Vashlyaev

Photo by Enfondo

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