Plans for Autumn 2011

2011-08-21 07:50

The weather in autumn here is perfect. The sea is warm but the air is not so extremely hot as in summertime. A lot of different fruits at the market.... I will try to describe each autumn month.


September - the most windy month! 83% of windy days ofr kiting and learning to kite. The wind can be for 5 to 14 meter kites.. :) On the water you will need to wear lycra and boardshorts. This September we are planning to make first competitions at Playkite. Only for beginners! And the prizes will be cool! Follow our news to get more info.

Photo of last September


October - the "velvet" season in Hurghada :) The water is still warm, the air is fresh. Wind statistics for October - 71% of windy days. It's difficult to predict the forecast - in 2008 there were 28 windy days, in 2009 - just 14. Last year we had 10 big windy days in October. Also this month is the most busy one, so if you want to come in October you'd better book it in advance.

On the water you will need to wear neoprene or short wetsuit.

Photo of last October


November - the beginning of warm egyptian winter. The statistics for this month is about 60% of windy days. In November you will need to wear wetsuit.


Aloha Akbar!

Alexander Vashlyaev

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